Boston, MA

Looking to rejuvenate the the former Boston Globe headquarters into a modern hub for creative office, laboratory, and retail uses, our team was brought in to complete architecture, interior and experiential design services. Two main concepts were employed in the experiential design elements to imbue the interiors with new energy and integrate a visual character and spirit throughout the property.

The first concept, newsprint, is a direct nod to the presses that once filled the space. Graphics employ letterforms as art, as well as references to the halftone textures of newspaper printing. Large-scale floor numbers at elevators are created from a halftone pattern of CMYK dots. Portraits that quickly identify restrooms are created from a collage of newspaper clippings and letterforms.

The second concept, ‘synesthesia’, is a condition which allows people to see colors and shapes when hearing music. Here, bold colors married with dynamic patterns give an energetic and modern feel to the environment. The property’s marketing tagline of “make some noise” can be seen integrated into one of the floor-to-ceiling graphics, while snippets of song lyrics from the Ramones, Outkast, Sugarhill Gang, David Bowie, Rihanna and more can all be found in various other locations.

SEGD Finalist

services: Graphic & Environmental Design