Center & Stone

Quincy, MA

Center & Stone is a new residential property (composed of two buildings) located on the main thoroughfare of historic Quincy Center. The buildings stand out, not just for their modern appeal, but also for their rich historical significance. Situated at 1170 Hancock, the “Stone” building is a masterful renovation of Quincy’s iconic Masonic Temple. With the Center & Stone brand campaign, we pay homage to the architecture of the original temple while embracing the vibrant community spirit it fostered.

The brand strategy revolves around the property’s Quincy Center location and uses the tagline “Find Your Center.” The campaign includes patterns, animations and graphic gestures created from the logo mark which reinforce the idea of centering, across all of the campaign’s touchpoints. Additional patterns are inspired by the historic masonic building that is the cornerstone of the development.

Muse Silver Award


services: Brand Strategy, Naming, Logo & Identity, Website, Print & Digital Collateral, Copywriting, Brand Awareness Signage